Suki Toiunoni Nazekashira

Suki Toiunoni Nazekashira

Alternative: 为何喜欢你 ; 好きというのになぜかしら ; 所谓喜欢是怎麼回事 ; Suki Toiu no ni Nazekashira ; what do I like about you
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Author(s): Abe akane
Genre: Yaoi; Comedy; Drama; Romance,
Status: Completed
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From Attracive Fascinante The story of boss, Takehisa, and the chef, Yuuichi, from Ubawareru. Yuuichi met his ex-boyfriend, Kiyohito, coincidentally outside the restaurant. Since then, Kiyohito kept hogging Yuuichi to go back to him. On the other hand, Takehisa actually agreed. What should Yuuichi do? Also includes the conclusion of Takao and Yoshinaga.

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