Red Storm Webtoon

Red Storm Webtoon

Alternative: 레드스톰 ; Badai Merah ; Kızıl Fırtına ; Tempestade Vermelha ; العاصفة الحمراء ; طوفان سرخ
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Author(s): Cyungchan noh
Genre: Action , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Shounen , Supernatural , Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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From Friendship Scans:

A mysterious man suddenly appears in the desert separating the East and West Continents. A young boy, Yulian Provoke from the Pareia tribe finds this man, and brings him to his village. Turns out the man is an incredibly strong and amazing individual, and he begins to teach the young boy fighting skills.

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- Webtoon updates every Saturday (Korean Time).

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