Oku-sama wa Seito Kaichou

Oku-sama wa Seito Kaichou

Alternative: My Wife Is Student Council President ; Okusama wa Seito Kaichou! ; 奥さまは生徒会長
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Author(s): Nakata yumi
Genre: Shounen; Adult; Ecchi; Mature; School life,
Status: Completed
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The beautiful, talented girl who just beat me to become Student Council President, suddenly shows up at my house announcing that we’re getting married, because of an old promise between our parents? “No problem, if I just harass her for a bit she’d surely run off“ I thought, but she might just be a bit more formidable than I expected. Nakata Yumi’s original series that eventually became serialized as Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!, featuring Wakana Ui and Izumi Hayato in a much different form than the serialized version.

Oku-sama wa Seito Kaichou chapters

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