Offending A Billionaire

Offending A Billionaire

Alternative: 错惹豪门总裁(中文), Mengusik Bos Kaya(Bahasa Indonesia), Chọc Nhầm Tổng Tài Bá Đạo(Tiếng việt), Millonario Ofendido(Español)
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Author(s): Kaiyuan Dongman
Genre: Romance ; Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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Offending A Billionaire Content

Offending A Billionaire Comics Online. A young woman married into a wealthy and influential family. What had happened on her wedding night was made into X-rated video and grabbed the headlines. Driven painful and dreadful by such a man, would she be doomed to an end with tears and blood? Never! Let’s wait and see…

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