My Wife is a Male Sensation Webtoon

My Wife is a Male Sensation Webtoon

Alternative: Hot Wife, My wife is a male god, 我的老婆是男神
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Author(s): Manyouyou ; Tuanshubing ; Wangfanfan_fan ; Wangmoumou
Genre: Shoujo ai, Comedy, Drama, Long strip, Music, Romance, Slice of life, Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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Just like any average housewives, Chen Minyu is very busy with her family every day, but under the veil of her identity as a housewife, there is an unknown secret identity to others—her being a male sensation. How would she be living her dream, as a popular sensation or, a newlywed housewife? The housewife had a dream of singing, and she was scouted by accident on the street by her producer, but the producer said her voice was too low to be a female singer, so the producer decided to dress her like a man and told her to sing in a duo, But then the MC got married, which led to the story that was being told, also, the story’s overarching theme is to hide the wife’s secrect of being a popular male idol.

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