Misekake Oresama-kun

Misekake Oresama-kun

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Author(s): Azumi tsuna
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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I’d be happy with anything, as long as I could touch you. Hino is a popular, good-looking guy who has been in a one-sided love with the eccentric Yaku ever since they were high schoolers. Even if he?s pampered by girls everyday, the one that is most important to him won?t give him the time of day. And then, a once in a lifetime miracle happened!! Yaku, who has never gone to a drinking party with others, actually came to one!! The truth is that he?s inexperienced in a lot of ways, but once he pretended to be a player and invited him for sex, he became? a proper sex friend?!

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