Lamia Orphe Is Dead Webtoon

Lamia Orphe Is Dead Webtoon

Alternative: Lamia Orphe öldü ; Lamia Orphe está muerta ; 라미아 오르페가 죽었다
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Author(s): Song seori
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Full color, Long strip, Magic, Romance, Time travel, Web comic, Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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Lamia Orphe is to become the future successor of the Orphe dukedom but at 22 years of age, she suddenly decides to give up her own title. On the other hand, the 2nd Prince, Aquila Theodore Benzer, has powers that transcend beyond that of a normal human. Notorious for being cruel and merciless as the son of the "desert witch," he competes against his brother, the 1st Prince Ethan Tayler Benzer, to succeed the throne. What lies in store for Aquila and Lamia? How are their fates intertwined with the legendary dragon? [hr][b][u]Spanish:[/u][/b] [spoiler]Lamia Orphe se convertirá en la futura sucesora del ducado de Orphe, pero a los 22 años, de repente, decide renunciar a su propio título. Por otro lado, el segundo príncipe, Aquila Theodore Benzer, tiene poderes que trascienden más allá de los de un humano normal. Conocido por ser cruel y despiadado como el hijo de la "bruja del desierto", compite contra su hermano, el primer príncipe Ethan Tayler Benzer, para suceder al trono. ¿Qué le espera a Aquila y Lamia? ¿Cómo se entrelazan sus destinos con el legendario dragón?[/spoiler]

Lamia Orphe Is Dead Webtoon chapters

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