Inumimi Zukan

Inumimi Zukan

Alternative: いぬみみずかん ; Dog-Ears Zukan - Encyclopedia of Doggy Style ; Erocyclopedia of Doggy Style ; Inumimi Zukan - Colorful Pizza ; Inumimi Zukan - Otogibanashi
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Author(s): Inuburo
Genre: Adult, Lolicon,
Status: Completed
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A collection of 34 (very) short hentai stories in one volume.

Ch. 1 - Otogi Banashi (Kishu): A man feeds a dog-girl that showed up at his house, and takes payment in kind. And that's where all the dog-girls of the region come from.

Ch. 2 - Colorful Kinoko (Mixed breed): Yamakawa Minatsu gets lost on a trip, and is found by three beautiful and horny dog-ear sisters.

Ch. 3 - Colorful Santa (Greenland dog): Christmas looks to be a bleak time for a lonly guy, who is just about ready to spread some of his misery around, when he gets a nice visit from Erosanta and her naughty raindeer.

Ch. 4 - Mame ni Kanabou (Alaskan Malamute): New year's looks to be a bleak time for a lonly girl, who is just about ready to spread some of her misery around, when she suddenly finds herself playing hostess and nurse to a full-blooded male Ogre.

Ch. 5 - Doroori Chese de Colorful Pizza (Alsatian Husky): Manba Kuro, an eye-patched dog girl, works as a pizza delivery. It's a good job, but she wonders why she gets all the horny customers. Well, there is a logical explanation.

Inumimi Zukan chapters

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