Hungry Cat Kyuu-chan (Fan Comic)

Hungry Cat Kyuu-chan (Fan Comic)

Alternative: Cursed Cat Kyuu-chan ; Hungry Human Hinata-san ; Kreepy Kat Kyuu-chan
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Author(s): Cromat
Genre: 4 koma, Animals, Comedy, Doujinshi, Full color, Romance, Tragedy, User created, Web comic,
Status: Ongoing
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Hungry Cat Kyuu-chan (Fan Comic) Content

ALL CHARACTERS AND EVENTS IN THIS MANGA—EVEN THOSE BASED ON THE ORIGINAL 4KOMA—ARE ENTIRELY FICTIONAL. EVERY CHAPTER IS MADE FROM EDITING THE ORIGINAL KYUU-CHAN... POORLY. THE FOLLOWING PARODY CONTAINS JUVENILE HUMOR AND BOOMER REFERENCES AND DUE TO ITS CONTENT IT SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY ANYONE i dont own kyuu chan, nor the original scanlations. all i own are my own ideas and concepts, most of which are stolen from other franchises [hr][b][u]Japanese / 日本語[/u][/b] [spoiler]このマンガのすべてのキャラクターとイベントは、オリジナルの4コマに基づくものであっても、完全に架空のものです。すべての章は、元の九尾ちゃんの編集から作られています...次のパロディは少年のユーモアを含んでおり、そのコンテンツのため、誰からも見られるべきではありません[/spoiler]

Hungry Cat Kyuu-chan (Fan Comic) chapters

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