Fujicue!!!: Fuji Cue's Music

Fujicue!!!: Fuji Cue's Music

Alternative: フジキュー!!! ~Fuji Cue's Music~
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Author(s): Shouichi taguchi
Genre: Shounen; Comedy; Music; School life,
Status: Ongoing
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All it took was attending one amazing rock concert by “Blue Bears” for Fujiwara Motomu to wish he could become a rock star. When he bumps into Uozumi from “Blue Bears,” he boldly declares that he wants to be part of the band! Uozumi accepts his offer...but first, Fujiwara must prove himself by being the best musician at the Japan Academy of Music (J.A.M.)! By some miracles, Fujiwara gets accepted into J.A.M., despite being a total novice at guitar-playing. But his journey is far from over! The academy pairs up students, who will then have to give a live performance! Fujiwara’s partner, Hoshikawa Uta, is a talented girl, but has terrible stage fright! Will the duo be able to achieve their dreams?

Fujicue!!!: Fuji Cue's Music chapters

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