Don't Mess With Me, Miss Webtoon

Don't Mess With Me, Miss Webtoon

Alternative: Xiao jie jie qiān wàn bié re wo ; 小姐姐千万别惹我
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Author(s): Feng lushe
Genre: Action; Comedy; Fantasy; Full color; Long strip; Martial arts; Official colored; Tragedy; Web comic; Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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Don't Mess With Me, Miss Webtoon Content

Due to the betrayal of his close friend and girlfriend, college student Wang Ming sunk into the lowest point in his life. During the time he was at his lowest, he had many conflicts out of anger and a will to strike back with the campus belle who he was co-renting with. However, it was also at this time when he was accidentally drawn into a series of conspiracies and contacted the hidden witchcraft society behind modern society. After the evolving Gǔ insect 'Gold Silkworm Gǔ' treated him as its host, he became unceasingly stronger and each and every formidable enemy also continued to emerge from the depths....

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