Choujin Gakuen

Choujin Gakuen

Alternative: 超人学園 ; 超人学園 混沌魍魎青春事変 ; Choujin Gakuen - Konton Mouryou Seishun Jihen ; Choujin Gakuen - Konton Moryou Seisyun Jihen ; Overman Campus ; Super School ; Superfolk Academy - All Kinds of Disorderly Spirits and Goblins Youth Uprising ; Supermen Academy ; Supernatural School
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Author(s): Kokuzawa yousuke
Genre: Shounen; Action; Comedy; Fantasy; School life; Supernatural,
Status: Completed
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From Easy Going Scans: In a far place in a far country there’s a mansion where a demon girl lives. One day there was a huge storm outside, so in order to protect himself a mysterious boy named Adam enters the mansion. And so they meet...the little demon girl and the mysterious boy that looks like a shinigami, both outcasts in the human world; they decide to create a school for monsters together!

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